Right This Weigh   is an easy-to-implement wellness program that inspires participants to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Simple & Creative Wellness Campaign For Your Team.

How It Works

Every time participants record healthy activities ­–­ exercise, produce, sleep, breakfast, no sugary beverages or after-dinner eating ­­ –they move along any of the virtual trails from around the globe.

Desktop & Mobile

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Right This Weigh uses everyone's sense of adventure to delight participants as they travel to exciting international destinations and learn about the people and places.


With our desktop site and mobile app, participants can log activities, visit virtual locations, view recipes and health tips, and track progress on the go.

Right This Weigh uses simple, everyday behaviors with proven results to help participants sustain long-­term habits and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Put Your Team On The Path To A Healthy Weight

(2 min)

Team Competition.

Right This Weigh includes a friendly competition (a proven way to increase participation) where team members contribute toward team success — and have more fun along the way.

Organization branding — your unique URL and logo on every screen.

Have a look at some of the excellent features of the Right This Weigh wellness campaign.

Online Campaign Features.

MapWalk™ — an easy way to create walking, biking, or jogging routes anywhere.

Recording daily health habits and weekly weight to move along exciting trails.

Enticing trails from around the world with rich descriptions and stunning images of attractions, geography, people, and local customs.

Daily tips, healthy recipes, and informative articles.


Theresa Pentilla

I lost 15lbs over the course of the 12 week challenge. I did not go on a diet, just placed a greater emphasis on eating more produce and getting 10,000 steps / day.

Jonathan Will


It really showed the days when I just was not putting much effort into moving. I would look at my steps and then pick myself off the couch and go for a walk.

One time fee - $2,000

Simple plans to fit your company needs.

Optional Fitbit   integration:


All-In-One Group License


Per Registrant License

Eligible Population – Price

Up to 5,000 – $17,443

10,000 – $34,007

15,000 – $49,691

20,000 – $64,496

25,000 – $78,421

30,000 – $91,467

35,000 – $103,633

40,000 – $114,920

45,000 – $125,328

50,000 – $134,855

55,000 – $143,504

60,000 – $151,272

65,000 – $158,162

70,000 – $164,172

75,000 – $169,302

80,000 – $173,553

85,000 – $176,924

90,000 – $179,416

95,000 – $181,029

100,000 – $181,762

>100,000 – Custom Quote


Plans & Pricing.

A group license covers your entire eligible population. It includes setup, coordinator training, hosting, account management, real-time participation reports, and end-of-program summary.

1. One-time (per campaign) setup fee.

2. One-time per registrant fee.

1. Setup, account management, & hosting fees

2. Per registrant fees

12-week Program - $13.96


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